Sunday, October 10, 2010

Custom Dies

Need it round, we can do that.
A few customs made for a Bailey 5" extruder.

Our die cut to fit another exturder.

Our die in an adapter plate to be used with another vendors extruder.

Hollow Dies

Our newest style hollow dies use a support bridge as shown here. It fits into the body of the extruder and holds the center of the hollow die. We sell the dies for $18.00 each and the Support bridge for $9.99. You can use the same bridge on all dies if you would like.

Sushi Tray

Raw fish anyone?? Well serve it up on this nice little Sushi Tray. It's an easy extrusion and can have ends added with any design in your mind. (I prefer to put my raw fish on the hooks)

Snack Tray

Quick and simple Snack Tray in one pull of the extruder handle. You can make them any length you need. Also make good inscense burner trays. You can add ends if you want.

Weaver Dies

This set of dies was inspired by a custom die order. If your planning to make a weaved basket this die is the way to go! It extrudes multiple pieces at one stroke and makes assembly time much quicker. If you are running a class and plan to make something like a weaved basket this would save a lot of time at the extruder.

New Ribbon Multi Die

Well I was making a new weaved basket and need a ribbon to make the handles. I went to my wall of dies and was stunned to find I didn't have a ribbon.....well, that just won't do! Off to the shop to come up with our latest Multi Die. It's very usefull.

Monday, March 30, 2009

More Face Pots